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21 August 2007 @ 08:24 pm
A letter from Luis to the Fans of Liverpool that made me want to cry.

First of all I'd like to apologise for not having been back in touch sooner, but I needed to take some time to take on board all the recent changes and then to put down these words for you.

I'm sure you will understand.

I would rather this be a letter of thanks and gratitude, not simply a goodbye.


Annie: Johnny/Luis- made by woobiejustams on August 22nd, 2007 08:01 am (UTC)
It almost made me cry when I read it yesterday. I miss him so much to. I hope Liverpool can play Atletico while he's there, so the fans get to say goodbye to.
imbriums_tears: soccer not allowedimbriums_tears on August 24th, 2007 09:58 pm (UTC)
Wasn't that sweet? I really miss him. Ta, Luis. YNWA